Our promise to you

1 - Meticulous research of regional and culinary treasures
All year round, Monsieur Feinschmecker goes in search of authenticity. That is why he himself travels through the French villages in search of local specialities produced by small craftsmen-producers.
2 - Defense and promotion of the terroirs of France
The notion of pleasure is naturally essential when tasting products. Monsieur Feinschmecker thinks that the pleasure is all the more interesting when you put the product in its historical and geographical context. Buying a product from Monsieur Feinschmecker means promoting regional heritage and defending sustainable production methods and natural cycles. It also means understanding the origin, importance and particularity of a product within a terroir.
3 - Natural and artisanal products
100% of the products referred to Monsieur Feinschmecker come from committed producers met in the field and with whom we maintain a continuous relationship. Monsieur Feinschmecker, it is the guarantee of unique products, carrying a know-how, that of the craftsmen that Mr Feinschmecker selects for you. Consuming Monsieur Feinschmecker is the guarantee of a healthy and responsible consumption!

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4 - Fast, reliable and safe delivery
Throughout Europe, Monsieur Feinschmecker guarantees you a safe delivery at your doorstep, to the address of your choice. The products, which are in stock, are delivered within 2 to 4 working days following their shipment. All fresh products sold on Monsieur Feinschmecker are shipped in bags or isothermal packs, thus ensuring that the cold chain is respected. We recommend that these products be placed in the refrigerator as soon as they are received.

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Good taste comes first

Eating is above all a pleasure and should be not just conditioned on a number of calories, proteins or vitamins. It is also to appreciate tasteful delicacies, to discover new aromas, to share a convivial moment or to remember this last one... It is also to discover even to feel a soil, a region, a tradition thanks to its products!

Who are we?

Coming from a multicultural and open environment, I had the chance to evolve very early in a multitude of flavours. At the same time, I was strongly influenced by the culture of the terroir of my mother's family of Franc-Comtoise origin. In this vein, Comté, Morbier, Mont d'or or Cancoillote, yellow wine, straw wine and morels, to name but a few, have no secrets for me. They would even be part of my genetic heritage!

After many journeys and more or less long immersions in other European countries, my suitcase stopped in Vienna, this capital with a rich past and at the crossroads of two worlds. This stop signified, without my knowledge, the beginning of a project.

"CARPE DIEM" kept blowing my mother into me. Imbued with this voice and philosophy, I created Mr Feinschmecker, a concept faithful to the values of the land and open to the world: the combination of tradition and modernity! It is simply a matter of sharing, as Rabelais once taught us, the pleasures of French-style dining.
Personnage Monsieur Feinschmecker
32 years old, married and father of a little girl, I have just completed 4 years of professional experience as Marketing Manager at PSA Bank. With my team, we achieved our objectives easily! Sales objectives, ROI, financing contracts, leasing contracts were part of my daily vocabulary.

How would I explain to you this 180°C shift, this surprising trajectory, from leasing contracts to local products? Coming from the Dauphiné, between the Isère and the Vercors, I grew up in a region with countless culinary treasures: Saint-Genix, Pogne, walnuts, chestnut cream, ravioles, Crozes-Hermitage !

Believing in the simplicity of pleasure, I believe that the arts of the table are the foundation of a fulfilled life.
The idea of making this way of life known and making quality products taste good finally pushed me to create with Adnan Monsieur Feinschmecker.