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French delicacies at attractive prices
Caterer, restaurateur, wine merchant, grocer, cheese maker or hotel manager...

Register and access hundreds of products from the best craftsmen in France in a few clicks! Benefit from the best professional prices and save your money and time!
Opening a business account is:
  • To be able to order online several hundred products from French craftsmen and producers
  • Benefit from professional pricing
  • Saving transport costs
  • Be delivered between 2 and 4 working days (if stocked)
  • To be able to pay with a delay from the 2nd order
  • To have only one contact person to answer your questions
Le cadeau professionnel idéal
Are you looking for unique corporate gifts that can be personalized according to the recipient?

Gathered in a superb illustrated box, offer the best of French terroirs to the people with whom you collaborate!
The Monsieur Feinschmecker box, it is:
  • A way of thanking your customer and promote the memory of your company;
  • For all budgets, all sizes without ever compromising on quality;
  • a tool to communicate about your company thanks to a unique and custom-illustrated box with your logo and message;
  • Monsieur Feinschmecker adapts to your constraints and wishes;
  • Also ideal for your give aways.
Catering Bistro chic
There is nothing more unique and original for your lunch, meeting, evening or event than Mr Feinschmecker's Bistro Chic aperitif.

Focused on authentic and regional products, Mr Feinshmecker's Bistro Chic aperitif will delight your guests!
The Bistro Chic aperitif is a ready-to-eat meal:
  • Around regional products and wines from French artisan-producers: sausage boards, cheese platters, simmered dishes, sweets...;/li>
  • For all types of events: Indoor/outdorr, sitting, standing, Mr Feinschmecker's offer adapts to your constraints and desires;
  • The Bistro Chic aperitif is made for all budgets

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